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Graduating from the creative and competitive program of 'Media, Information and Technoculture' at Western University in 2013, Ruby was conditioned to become a social media expert at an early age. After graduating Ruby was immediately hired as the Canadian brand manager for the French fashion retailer ‘The Kooples’. While working a 9-5 in fashion, Ruby spent her small amount of free time interning at Complex Magazine (Canada) as their social media manager, modelling, freelance styling, and starting her own blog and Instagram. Ruby knew that she wanted to pursue a career centred around creativity instead of taking the traditional corporate route and saw the rise of social media as a way to do that. Over the next four years Ruby focused on creating unique content for her blog and Instagram account. Now, with nearly sixty thousand followers on Instagram, Ruby is part of the influential group of creators who use their social media following to partner on ad campaigns with well-known brands, turning digital content creation into a paying job. Through her work on Instagram, Ruby has collaborated with and produced content for brands such as: Off-White, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci, Adidas, BMW MINI, and L’Oreal. 

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