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For those who don't know, I have a LARGE array of small things wrong with me...

First of all I'm picky as fuq, but we'll save that for another story...For the sake of THIS story, we're going to focus on:

1. My inability to turn my mind off when it's time to go to bed 
and finally
3. My annoyingly sensitive stomach


As a self-employed freelancer my mind is constantly thinking 'work, work, work', 'Can I create something right now?',  'Am I wasting my time right now?', 'What should I be doing?' - basically my mind never shuts the fuck up. 

I'm pretty sure all Millennials can relate, whether your self-employed or not, we live in an age where we are being constantly bombarded with connection and options. 

So how TF do we quiet our minds and banish stress?

Recently I got together with a friend Julia who works for Saje Natural Wellness and she introduced me to the natural healing benefits of aromatherapy. I didn't know much about aromatherapy, but the crystal loving, spiritual hippie woman inside me was DEFINITELY DOWN to give it a try! Julia introduced me to some of Saje's core products and I have to say after using them for around 2 weeks now, I am ADDICTED.

The first product that I LEGIT carry around in my purse with me every day is Saje's 

This little pouch contains 5 different oil blends all with targeted uses (headache relief, germ fighting, digestion easing, stress reduction, and pain reduction). TBH I was a little apprehensive about how much oil could help with issues such as my stress and my digestive issues, but somehow it does. 

Whenever I'm feeling stressed (which is probably like 300 times a day) I take out the 'Stress Release' roll on ball and roll the oil on my wrists and and hands. I then cup my hands together and breathe the oil in slowly and deeply. ALTHOUGH I may look like a crackhead huffing some sketchy shit in my palms when I do this, it actually works to calm me down. WARNING - your friends and family may look at you like you are clinically insane when you do this, but at least you'll be too calm and zen to give a fuq. 

As for the 'Eater's Digest' roll on ball - I initially thought there was NO WAY simply rolling some oil on my stomach would work as my friends and family will tell you my stomach is more sensitive than a girl who just got her period. BUT the debilitating stomach pains that normally ensue after a binge night on Maker's pizza were no where to be found. SO NOW I AM A BELIEVER. 

The second product that I cannot live without is Saje's 

'SLEEP WELL' roll on oil:

A couple rolls of this oil onto my neck, wrist, and palms and I am out like a light. Normally if I fall asleep before my boyfriend and he tries to get into bed after I've fallen asleep, i'll instantly wake up screaming profanities at him for disturbing my rest (lucky guy eh?)...But when I use the 'Sleep Well' he could literally roll me off the bed and I'd still probably be fully out. This little roll on oil is a LIFESAVER for anyone who has difficulties falling asleep and/or staying asleep - it now has a permanent home on my bedside table. 

Check out Saje Wellness for more natural remedies

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