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FEBRUARY 3RD, 2016 - I woke up with what appeared to be a red bumpy, itchy rash all over the left side of my cheek and jawline. I had no idea where the EFF it came from or what caused it - All I knew was that I was most definitely going to blow off all my commitments and spend my entire day in bed hiding under the covers hoping that whatever the fuck was on my face would just magically disappear.

FAST FORWARD A YEAR - and lets just say it MOST DEFINITELY hadn't magically disappeared. Ya thats right, A YEAR LATERRRRR I was still dealing with insanely problematic (thats a gentle way of putting it) skin. My former rash had developed and EVOLVED like fucking Charmander to Charizard. I was now dealing with random breakouts of hives all over my face and consistent acne and acne scarring along my jawline (where the rash used to be). As soon as one pimple would go away (and turn into a scar or discolouration) another one would pop up to take its place like clockwork.

Now don't think I sat on my lazy ass for the span of a year just hoping and wishing that the SHIT STORM on my face would just go away on it's own, oh no - over the course of the year I:

1. Went to a dermatologist - who was not helpful AT ALL, she barely spoke to me or looked at my face, she just prescribed me some medicated face cream that she told me was going to dry the living daylights out of my skin - Ya no thanks bitchy dermatologist, I think I'll PASS.

2. Went to a naturopath - who put me on the elimination diet to try and figure out what I could have been allergic to - eating ONLY clear soup broth for a week was definitely NOT my cup of tea, so that didn't work...

3. Became a Sephora VIB Rouge SOLELY from buying skincare products that I hoped would be my magic solution - It got to the point where I was basically just throwing my money at Sephora associates screaming "SOMEONE PLEASE JUST HELP ME"!!!!

4. Went for regular facials which set me back around $200-$300 every time

5. Spent hundreds/thousands of dollars on cool laser treatments to try and get rid of the acne/scars

*6. Cried A LOT about the awful state of my skin and how NOTHING was helping

YET there I was a whole goddamn year later STILL facing the same skin problems.

FAST FORWARD TO APRIL 2017 - After the recommendation of DECIEM from my eyelash girl, I decided to add some of their products into my new skincare regimen and see how they worked out...

FAST FORWARD TO MAY 2017 - I started to notice that my skin was ACTUALLY CLEARING UP!!! PRAISE ALL THE HOLY SKIN GODS I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT...Truthfully I didn't want to believe it, I was so scared of getting my hopes up after having awful skin for OVER A YEAR, but my skin just kept getting better and better.

FAST FORWARD TO NOW - My skin is completely clear. DID YOU HEAR THAT (errrr read that) COMPLETELY. FUCKING. CLEAR. (I haven't had a pimple in over a month, NOT EVEN A PERIOD PIMPLE!!!), my scars have all faded (and trust me they were REALLY BAD before), and best of all I don't need to hide behind heavy face make-up anymore!!!

If you have ever struggled with bad skin you can probably empathize with the fact that I literally want to CRY over how happy I am with my skin's transformation over the past couple months.

ANYWAY I wanted to share my skincare regimen that I adopted in APRIL that has CLEARED UP MY SKIN and kept it consistently clear for the past 3 months!!! Hopefully this regimen will help any of you who are currently struggling with something similar to what I went through.

SHOP MY SKINCARE REGIMEN BELOW (No this post isn't sponsored - I honestly just wanted to share these products in the hopes that someone struggling with their skin will have the same results that I have had with these).

1. MARIO BADESCU ENZYME CLEANSER $14 - This is my main cleanser, I use this every night

2. CETAPHIL CLEANSER $10 - My boyfriend has this at his house, so I just started using it randomly when I'd sleepover. Turns out it's fucking great. It's super cheap, does a good job at washing away dirt and makeup, and doesn't dry out your skin at all.

3. MARIO BADESCU FACIAL SPRAY WITH ALOE, HERBS, AND ROSEWATER $9  - I spray my face with this a ridiculous amount - morning, day, and night

4. DECIEM - THE ORDINARY 'BUFFET' SERUM $14.80 - I use this every morning/night

5. DECIEM - THE ORDINARY 'ADVANCED RETINOID 2% $9.80 - I use this every other night

6. DECIEM - NIOD 'MULTI-MOLECULAR HYALURONIC COMPLEX' $60 - I use this sporadically but you can use it every morning/night - I know it's pricey but it's worth it

7. FLAWLESS IN 15 'EYE MASK SYSTEM' (pack of 3 $45) - I use these only if I have a shoot or casting the next day or if I haven't gotten enough sleep

8. PURE AND SIMPLE 'SENSITIVE SKIN - EXFOLIANT AND FACE MASK' $18.66 - I use this once a week to exfoliate - I have really sensitive skin so exfoliating scares me because I am scared of breaking out again, but this exfoliant is from one of the places I used to get facials at. It's really gentle and is also used as a moisturizing mask

9. LANCOME - BIENFAIT UV SPF 50 FACIAL SUNSCREEN $39 - I TRYYYYY to remember to put this on EVERY DAY - truthfully I need to be better. But we all know how important sunscreen is if you're not tryna age like a raisin.

Even though I SWEAR by all of these products, I'm ALWAYS looking to add more to my routine/to try new brands!! If you guys know any MUST-HAVE products for me to try send me a DM on IG or email me AND LET YA GIRL KNOW!!!!

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