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Drove out to some random field off the highway in Burlington and fucked around with a curtain from Wal-Mart.

Photography/Creative Direction : Steph Verschuren  
Creative Direction/Styling : myself



SO AFTER ALL YOUR REQUESTS, I FINALLY DID AN IG STORY TUTORIAL ON HOW TO GET MY SUMMER CURLS. If you missed it, you missed me making a fool out of myself - if you watched it, you've probably vowed to also abolish the words 'okay so...' from your vocabulary. 

Due to more requests and questions about my hair, I've decided to do a permanent post here on my blog so that you guys have direct links to the products that I used!


*Comb this through your hair in the shower with a wide-tooth comb and let it sit in your hair for at least 10 minutes.

*I try to wash my hair as little as possible (I normally end up having to wash it twice a week). Once a week I will use The Ouai 'clean' and midweek I will use Aveda CO-WASH. If you have naturally curly hair you probably already know what co-wash is - for those who don't, co-wash stands for conditioner washing your hair. This prevents your hair from getting overly dry. 

*Use a quarter size amount on damp hair 

*Use a dime to a quarter size amount depending on the amount of hold you need in your hair (Don't use too much or your hair will get crunchy)


*I always owned a blowdryer, but the only action it ever got was when I was cleaning the dust off of it. I LOATHED the way blow-dryers made my hair feel and frizz up, so I avoided them BY ALL COSTS. Recently I got my hair done and the stylist promised me that she could make my curls look INSANE with something called a 'diffuser' and a few products (ok all you beauty gurus don't laugh, I had no idea WTF a diffuser was until recently). Now I am hooked - If I am planning on wearing my hair curly (which I plan to do for most of summer) I will use the diffuser every time I style my hair out of the shower. Ya I'll admit, standing around diffusing my hair for an hour is a BITCH. But the curls at the end are DEFINITELY worth it.

*If you find your hair needs a little control, or a little extra 'oomph' after it is dry, spray and scrunch this into your curls.

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