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For the past year my skin has been a constant pain in the a$$ - I have searched high and low for a miracle cure to clear up the the pimple constellation on my jawline. I've been to a dermatologist, a naturopath, and have become a Sephora VIB Rouge SOLELY from trying out every skin care line at the store - WITH NO EFFING LUCK. Now, if you think you know the secret or solution to my pimple woes PLEASE let a girl know, BUT TBH i've probably already tried it...

Last week I was getting my lashes done and my friend was raving about these new skin products she just bought. ENTER DECIEM. 

OBVIOUSLY I'm always down to try out new brands and my girl Mira from DECIEM hooked me up with a bunch of killer products to try! I just started using them last week and my skin HAS been clearing up - I'll keep you guys posted on the progress!



Doesn't matter if you're in front of a camera for work every day or hiding out on a deserted island, the last thing any girl wants to deal with is her skin looking like shit. Unfortunately for me my skin is not so bueno right now...BUT THIS STUFF IS LIQUID PHOTOSHOP. I'm not even kidding. The other day I broke out REALLY REALLY badly and of course I had two events to go to that day. All I wanted to do was hide under a blanket fort at home, but instead I decided to try out this 'photography fluid' underneath my concealer and overtop as a highlighter. Honestly I didn't think it would work but when I got the media photos back from the event I was SHOOK. My skin looked EFFING insane to the point where I thought that the event photographer had photoshopped my skin (but then I realized I could still see one of my COLOSSAL pimples on my chin, so he couldn't have). If you are having a bad skin day and know that you are having your photo taken, GO AND BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW - it makes your skin glow like a fucking star on camera!!!! 
ADANCED RETINOID 2% *Apparently this is great for pimples
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