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I'm a HUGE sucker for good hoop earrings and if you haven't already guessed from these photos, CUCHARA makes some BADA$$ hoop earrings.
Ever since Edi dropped off my pieces, i legit have not taken them off (you've probably seen these two chokers on me in all of my Insta-stories). 

Because CUCHARA's newest line is called the 'Paradise Collection' I thought it would be fitting to throw together a little shoot/art project (focusing on my new favourite jewelry) that would transport people to my version of a colourful and tropical paradise. 



Last Friday I made Steph drive me out to Sauga to fulfill my inner 12 year old's desire to go rollerskating. When you don't really drink, Friday nights are made for rollerskating and trap music. Originally we both thought we'd be terri, but somehow both of us managed to semi-stay on our feet the entire time. 

If you guys are looking for fun things to do while it is still fucking freezing in Toronto, Scooter's is definitely worth the trek (and worth the potential bruised ass).



 So this past week I spent a week in one of my favourite places in the world. The best way you can describe Tulum is magical. Trust me once you go you'll understand. 


Every time I go to Tulum I stay in an Airbnb. There are so many beautiful villas available - The one I stayed in this time was my favourite - We had the whole property to ourselves, a pool, swings on the roof, a magical garden with a hammock, and two bikes to get around!

POSADA MARGHERITA : I know Mexico may not be the first place you would think to go to find AMAZING Italian food, but just effing wait until you try the pasta at Posada Margherita. They hand make the noodles to each order, and I can honestly say that the pasta here was THE BEST pasta I have ever had in my entire life. Wild right?

HARTWOOD : Known for being one of the best restaurants in Tulum, definitely difficult to get a table so go early - the menu changes daily but if you are a seafood fan you should definitely check this place out!

EL CAMELLO JR : This is the local's favourite spot located right in the heart of town - I get the tacos pescados every time I go!

GITANO : If you're looking for something a little more boujee check out Gitano, it is on the beach strip, but on the jungle side. It is fully equip with a massive disco ball hung among a plethora of palm trees.

PANNA E CIOCCOLATO : The best gelato - every time I'm in Tulum I make sure to make at least one stop PER DAY here to get a scoop (or two) of gelato. Ya I have a sugar addiction - sue me.

GITANO : I think by now everyone knows I'm not the biggest drinker (meaning I RARELY ever drink) - so I may not be the most helpful on this front, BUT I will say that the drinks at Gitano are EFFING amazing - I would have drank 50 of them, but then R.I.P to me. Gitano is known for its Mezcal so I would HIGHLY recommend you get one of their signature cocktails - the bartender made me a 'Stardust' - if you like sweet coconut drinks, definitely order one of these!


*The beach in Tulum is public, but if you want to sit at one of the boutique hotels on the beach or at one of the beach clubs you normally just have to buy food/drinks in order to reserve a cabana/beach chair

PAPAYA PLAYA PROJECT : I spent two of my days chilling on the beach at the PPP beach club - the staff are all so friendly and they have a decently sized strip of beach ideal for swimming in the ocean. The fact that they had pancakes that you could order directly to your bed on the beach and perfect WIFI on the beach sold me.

COQUI COQUI : Unfortunately this tiny boutique beach hotel was closed for renovations during my most recent stay, which made me super sad, because it is hands down one of the most beautiful boutique hotels I have ever seen in my entire life. If it is open during your time there, definitely check this place out.

* Make sure you are staying somewhere that provides you with bikes/rent bikes for the duration of your stay - it is the easiest and most fun way to get around to and from the beach/town. The bike ride from town to the beach is about 30 mins + (depending how fast you bike)
*Bring bug spray if you are going to any of the restaurants on the 'jungle side' of the beach strip. My legs got ATTACKED by mosquitoes at Gitano


Styling/Creative Direction - Myself
Off-White, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Vintage

Photography/Creative Direction

More Photos on High Snobiety



Styling : Me
Leather jacket - Marc Jacobs
Skirt - Guess
Fishnet shirt - H&M
Necklace - Versace
Boots - Browns
Ramones shirt - Zara
Skirt - Zara
Belt - The Kooples
Bomber - H&M
I'll never be a 'crossing the street' blogger. 

I've noticed that for some reason all fashion bloggers LOVE to take photos of themselves crossing the street or take photos of themselves just blatantly stopping traffic to snap their outfit of the day (#OOTD) in the middle of the street. FIRST OF ALL - where are you guys always going (and can I come??) and SECOND OF ALL - BE CAREFUL. 

Now before all you 'crossing the street' bloggers come for me, this is not me throwing shade at all - ya'll kill those pedestrian poses - it just simply is not for me (I feel it's best for me to steer away from photo shoots in the middle of the street due to my inescapable bad luck - I would DEFINITELY get hit by a car, but hey at least I'd go out with a fresh AF OOTD post).

I'm writing this post for anyone who is brand new to the blogging world or for anyone who is feeling pressured to conform to the blogging industry standards...
I am ALSO writing this post because someone came at me the other day and said "You're not really a blogger though, you're a model". WRONG. So wrong...

I remember when I first started my blog I looked up to all the successful bloggers who were killing it with their 'crossing the street' photos - I thought that in order to be successful I had to be like them. I couldn't figure out why nothing was taking off for me at the time, because I was doing everything that these successful girls were doing. After months and months of trying to make myself 'marketable' I looked at my photos and realized I had completely lost myself. It was at that point I said 'fuck it, I'm done. I don't care if no one likes my photos anymore, but I'm going to start making stuff that I like". Ironically enough it was at that point when brands that I was excited to work with started reaching out to me.

The point I'm trying to get across is that you'll never be successful trying to be like someone else. While other bloggers kill it with their crossing the street OOTD's, I prefer to set up 'creatives' with my friends who are photographers - whether it's setting up a whole story and location around my photos or even just shooting something cool in a studio (like I did here with Val) I much prefer that creative process.

While my photos may not look like your traditional bloggers photos, I like them and that's all that effing matters.

I'll end this post with one of my favourite quotes (which ironically, if you scroll to the bottom of my Instagram feed, is one of my first photos I posted).
"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream" 

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