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So last week my best friend beat my face...

Before you you dial up the po on my behalf, no Liv did not actually beat my face (although sometimes I'm sure she wants to) - apparently 'beating your face' is a term for when your make-up takes you from 'you look tired' to 'you look fucking fantastic' (still trying to learn all this make-up steez)...

As you guys know I've recently started dipping my feet in the make-up world, but I have to say through it all I'm still a fan of a more 'natural' look on myself. My every-day make-up routine consists of covering up any spots or pigmentation scars I have that day (SCREAMS INTERNALLY), a cream blush, and brushing out my eyebrows with a spoolie brush - So when I first got to Liv's glam room and saw how much make-up she had laid out for me for this video (guys seriously there was more make-up there than your average Sephora. Not kidding.) I will admit I was a LITTLE freaked out that I was going to walk out of there looking like I was an escaped clown from Cirque-du-soleil...

I didn't really see what my make-up looked like throughout the entire process, but at the end of the whole thing when Liv told me to look at it, I was actually in disbelief over how much I LOVED everything. My skin was FUCKING GLOWING and I LOVE LOVE a dark lip with minimal eye make-up (too bad that I am completely inept at doing this on my own, because whenever I try to apply a dark lip myself I always just end up looking like I have 'blotches of jam on my mouth' - yes someone told me that LOL). 

I'm not really sure why I had any doubts considering Liv is RENOWNED in my friend group for her make-up skills - and it's apparent why. If you guys are really into beauty and make-up go and follow Livvy's new YOUTUBE account where she'll school you all. Do it now. K great.

VIDEO HERE (With whole list of products used)



MUA - LIV TSAI @liv.tsai
For more of her beauty videos - YOUTUBE
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