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I am in NO SENSE a make-up expert (ESPECIALLY when it comes to eyeliner - I'm a complete mess). On the reg my make-up routine consists of cover-up (if i have any blemishes, which I unfortunately normally have at the moment), blush, eyebrow gel, and tinted chapstick or a lipstain! Recently I have taken the plunge into the make-up world as I have gotten to work on a couple creative projects with some of the biggest make-up brands - I also spend a lot of time on sets around make-up artists who have taught me some cool tricks - so the make-up world is becoming hard for me to avoid.

A couple months ago I took an eyeliner class with Sephora Canada. My teacher did one of my eyes, and I had to copy her technique for the other. Lets just say hers looked great and mine looked like someone trying to do their make-up drunk!!!

Although I'm still not the greatest when it comes to eyeliner, I love the look of a good cat-eye - I also LOVE LOVE this Twiggy inspired make-up look from one of my recent shoots - So I decided to share with you guys my top 3 eyeliners (with some suggestions from my trusted MUA's)!


(*This one is my personal FAV) Kat Von D 'Tattoo Liner' - the brush makes it super easy to apply - even for make-up challenged humans like myself!


Bobbi Brown 'Long Wear Gel Eyeliner' - Gel eyeliner is my second favourite as it is super easy to wipe off if you mess up - you can use a very very fine brush to achieve super thin lines.


Sephora Collection 'Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Waterproof) - If you can use pencil eyeliner and not end up looking like an effing raccoon, I applaud you. You are a makeup GOD.

Photography : Nick Spector - @nickspector

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