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Coat - Cinq a Sept
Sweater - A.L.C
Jeans - Helmut Lang

Today it is snowing in Toronto (FML), which means that instead of dressing like a proper Canadian and bundling up for our frigid winter, I am wearing an outrageous, seasonally inappropriate outfit like such - and spending half of my income on Ubers so that I don't ACTUALLY have to feel the cold.

I'm seriously crushing on anything lace-up at the moment - It's getting a little out of control - I have lace up leggings, lace up jeans, lace up crop tops, lace up sweaters ETC ETC!!!! But IDGAF when I love something I'll love it to death.

TECHNICALLY I am wearing this A.L.C sweater 'backwards' as the lace up is supposed to be on the back...BUT when have I ever done anything properly...PLUS I think it looks way more bada$$ this way.

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