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This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to speak in front of roughly 200 women (and a few men) about my tips and tricks for branding and social media. As I arrived to the event one of the fellow speakers asked if I was nervous or if I had prepared for my talk - I hadn't. I also weirdly wasn't nervous at all (saving all my nerves for any future TED talks I get invited to LOL, goalzzzz).

During the course of the night I dropped A LOT of F-Bombs, made fun of myself A LOT, and talked about Beyonce A LOT (lololol) - none of it was planned.

Overall this was such an amazing event to be invited to speak at, there's not much I love more than when women get together and support each other!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to every one who came out to hear me speak, and thank you to everyone who emailed/DM'd/Tweeted/messaged me after, it really really warmed my heart and made me happy that my rambling resonated with you!

Thank you Bianca, Megan, Erin, and all of WIPP for having me


I am in NO SENSE a make-up expert (ESPECIALLY when it comes to eyeliner - I'm a complete mess). On the reg my make-up routine consists of cover-up (if i have any blemishes, which I unfortunately normally have at the moment), blush, eyebrow gel, and tinted chapstick or a lipstain! Recently I have taken the plunge into the make-up world as I have gotten to work on a couple creative projects with some of the biggest make-up brands - I also spend a lot of time on sets around make-up artists who have taught me some cool tricks - so the make-up world is becoming hard for me to avoid.

A couple months ago I took an eyeliner class with Sephora Canada. My teacher did one of my eyes, and I had to copy her technique for the other. Lets just say hers looked great and mine looked like someone trying to do their make-up drunk!!!

Although I'm still not the greatest when it comes to eyeliner, I love the look of a good cat-eye - I also LOVE LOVE this Twiggy inspired make-up look from one of my recent shoots - So I decided to share with you guys my top 3 eyeliners (with some suggestions from my trusted MUA's)!


(*This one is my personal FAV) Kat Von D 'Tattoo Liner' - the brush makes it super easy to apply - even for make-up challenged humans like myself!


Bobbi Brown 'Long Wear Gel Eyeliner' - Gel eyeliner is my second favourite as it is super easy to wipe off if you mess up - you can use a very very fine brush to achieve super thin lines.


Sephora Collection 'Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Waterproof) - If you can use pencil eyeliner and not end up looking like an effing raccoon, I applaud you. You are a makeup GOD.

Photography : Nick Spector - @nickspector



SO EXCITED to announce that on January 17th I will be speaking on a social media experts panel at a SOLD OUT event with WIPP Toronto (Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose)!!! I'll be talking about how to build a brand/brand story around yourself or a product. I'll also be touching on authenticity and why staying true to yourself and to your brand vision is important. 

Can't wait to see you all there!!


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