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Steph and I make weird shit. But I love it. 

I won't call it art, because I know he'd hate that or think it was lame, but it really is.

There are very few photographers who I have shot with (a.k.a none) who when shooting, have told me to 'stop being sexy' or 'be less sexy'. Steph is the only one - and he tells me every goddamn time. Now i'm not saying that all of the photographers I shoot with are pervs (LOL love you all), but it is very rare to shoot with someone (especially a man - oh p.s Steph is a guy) who doesn't automatically want to shoot something stereotypically 'sexy' or look at the female form as something inherently sexual. 

Although I'm basically naked or half naked in most of the stuff that Steph and I have shot, I wouldn't categorize our shoots as something that would qualify in the mainstream as 'sexy'. Ya sure, you can make the argument that I'm half naked so it's automatically 'sexy', but once again, I think it is important to steer our thoughts away from equating a females body with sex. 

On the other hand - There's absolutely nothing wrong with a female wanting to be sexy, especially if it is for their own enjoyment and not for the approval of someone else. Not everything women do is for the approval, attention, and enjoyment of men. I think it is really important for females to be in charge of their bodies, take back ownership, and most importantly for them to be in love with their bodies and themselves.

Anyway S/O to steph for being the realest, and one of my favourite photographers to work with!


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