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 So this Thursday I'm taking off to L.A for a much needed vacation. It has been WAY too long since I was chilling on a beach (IMU Tulum!!!), so I'm just a LITTLE excited to get my pasty ass a tan! Since you HAVE to drive in L.A, I figured I'd make a playlist with some of my favourite artists from California/Songs about the 'Sunshine State' - For all of you who have ever had the PLEASURE of witnessing my questionable driving skills, don't worry, the streets of L.A will be safe, as I will NOT be the one driving!!!

I'll upload photos of my trip when I'm home! Hope everyone has a great week!

PHOTO : Jorden Lee - @jayrisque
MAKE-UP : Milena Iaizzo - @millyjmakeup
*For PIQUE - @pique

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