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I, like every other girl, have a tendency to think I am the world's next Mariah Carey when I am in the shower. What I often forget is that the walls in my old loft building are VERY, VERY thin...

A little while ago, I was taking out my garbage in my hallway, and my neighbor came out (*Let me just add in here, that we've never met before - weird, I know) and proceeded to tell me that he thought it was "very impressive, that I knew all of the words to 'Changes' by Tupac". I died a little inside, but to be honest, it takes a lot to embarrass me, so I just laughed, said 'THANKS', and apologized for all of the other musical renditions he had probably heard coming from my side of the wall.

ANYWAY - I put together a little playlist for you guys that was inspired by my shower tunes and my vintage N.W.A T-shirt!


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