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I, like every other girl, have a tendency to think I am the world's next Mariah Carey when I am in the shower. What I often forget is that the walls in my old loft building are VERY, VERY thin...

A little while ago, I was taking out my garbage in my hallway, and my neighbor came out (*Let me just add in here, that we've never met before - weird, I know) and proceeded to tell me that he thought it was "very impressive, that I knew all of the words to 'Changes' by Tupac". I died a little inside, but to be honest, it takes a lot to embarrass me, so I just laughed, said 'THANKS', and apologized for all of the other musical renditions he had probably heard coming from my side of the wall.

ANYWAY - I put together a little playlist for you guys that was inspired by my shower tunes and my vintage N.W.A T-shirt!




So, we're kicking off All Star weekend, and Jordan has just touched down in Toronto with their new downtown store. Tonight I am going to the store before it officially opens, to shop all of the exclusive Jordan products (*hint - The OVO's and the Jordan 2 "Beach").

This weekend is going to be stacked for me, as I will also be going to the D-League celebrity charity game on Saturday which is hosted by Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz! The rappers are going to square off as the coaches for the two teams, which will consist of participants such as Wale and A$AP Ferg - so needless to say this game is going to be LIT AF! After the charity game, I will be going to the Verizon dunk competition, and then finally, I will be at the All Star game Sunday night, and I'm just a LITTLEEEEE EXCITED!!

If you want to check out some of the sneakers at the Jordan store before it opens, see some behind the scenes action of the celebrity charity game, and the All Star game, follow me on Snapchat - Rubybens!


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