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So I'm still recovering a lilllll bit from yesterday. The Weeknd has been one of my favourite artists since back when I saw him for the first time in 2011 in London, Ontario at 'Tent Party'. I've been to a bunch of his concerts since, and last night DEF didn't disappoint! He played tracks from his new album, and all of the classics!

I was BLESSED enough to get full VIP media access to the photo-pit, to all areas of the arena, and backstage! If you guys followed me on snap last night you'll see that I got to watch the concert from a MILLION different angles!! For the opening couple songs I was down right beside the stage in the photo pit...but I had to leave that area after a couple songs as my ear drums were getting BLASTED because I was standing right in front of a speaker....

After I left the media area, I went back to join the PAX crew on the floor to watch from that angle - and then I met up with some friends so I could dance around like a fool towards the end of the show (cuz lets be real - my dance moves are HELLA VANILLA AND HELLA EMBARRASSING)!!

Anyway I'm gonna stop rambling - BUT I just wanted to send a big CONGRATS to the winner of my two tickets to tomorrow's show! You guys are going to have an AMAZING time!!!

LASTLY, I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to PAX for having me as their guest!!

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