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SOOOOO, I was lucky enough to have the plug (Thanks PUMA) for the latest PUMA x BAPE collab - Here are a couple snaps of me in the pieces that I chose from the collection!

The full collection & sneakers both drop DECEMBER 12th

*All available at LIVESTOCK in Toronto



When I was in grade 7 my dad gave me one of my mum's old skateboards that she used to have when she was a kid. It was then and there that I decided that I was gonna make it my mission to become a skateboarding pro...Well my dad accidentally ran over my skateboard with his car a couple months after, so needless to say my rise to skateboarding fame didn't happen...BUT I did learn TWO tricks before the demise of my skateboard!!

Nowadays my 10 year old brother is the skateboarding pro of my family...seriously the kid can shred - he is INSANELY talented and I am so proud of him!!

Anywayyyyy leaving off - If there are any of you guys who want to teach me some new tricks, drop me a message :)


So I'm still recovering a lilllll bit from yesterday. The Weeknd has been one of my favourite artists since back when I saw him for the first time in 2011 in London, Ontario at 'Tent Party'. I've been to a bunch of his concerts since, and last night DEF didn't disappoint! He played tracks from his new album, and all of the classics!

I was BLESSED enough to get full VIP media access to the photo-pit, to all areas of the arena, and backstage! If you guys followed me on snap last night you'll see that I got to watch the concert from a MILLION different angles!! For the opening couple songs I was down right beside the stage in the photo pit...but I had to leave that area after a couple songs as my ear drums were getting BLASTED because I was standing right in front of a speaker....

After I left the media area, I went back to join the PAX crew on the floor to watch from that angle - and then I met up with some friends so I could dance around like a fool towards the end of the show (cuz lets be real - my dance moves are HELLA VANILLA AND HELLA EMBARRASSING)!!

Anyway I'm gonna stop rambling - BUT I just wanted to send a big CONGRATS to the winner of my two tickets to tomorrow's show! You guys are going to have an AMAZING time!!!

LASTLY, I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to PAX for having me as their guest!!


So tomorrow I am heading to The Weeknd's first show of his month long 'Madness Tour', and I could not be MORE excited!! No seriously guys, I'm super stoked because not only is PAX sending me to see the show for free, but they also gave me backstage passes with full access to the 'Friends and Family room'....SOOO needless to say I'll be taking some dope pictures for you guys!!

If you guys don't already follow me on SNAPCHAT...and you are Weeknd should probably get on that.

SNAPCHAT : Rubybens

Anyway...I will post back Wednesday with all my pictures from the concert AND I WILL BE GIVING AWAY 2 TICKETS TO THE THURSDAY SHOW to one of you guys!!!

Check back WEDNESDAY for full details of how to snag my tickets!
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