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I don't think it was until the other day when my friend's friend asked me if I was wearing all of my 'boyfriends' clothes that I realized that for the past week I have been dressing like a 'boy'.

Now before ya'll start hating, I will be the first person to tell you that I do NOT believe in gendered clothing (as you can more often than not, find me shopping in the men's section or wearing 'men's' shoes). BUT for the past week there has not been one single element of 'girliness' to any of my outfits.

If you guys are frequent readers, or actually know me personally, you'll know that men's fashion has always been a passion of mine (yes, even more so than women's). So I guess it's not really that much of a shock that I've been decked out in menswear for the past week.

SO because I've been super into dressing like a 'boy' for the past little while, I figured I'd put together a little list of my 'fall must haves' for you boys who have no idea how to dress yourselves (because god knows there's a bunch of you out there walking the streets of Toronto).

You're welcome.


*Bomber jacket
*Suede chelsea boots
*Distressed hoodie/pullover
*Long line long sleeve with side zips
*Long sleeve polo shirt
*Oversized long grey wool coat
*Grey denim
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