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I come from a pretty long line of artsy women. My mum attended OCAD and adorned our house with drawings, paintings, and sculptures that she had made, and my grandmother is probably one of the best painters I have ever seen still to this day. The women in my family brought art into my life at an early age and had me painting/drawing/colouring all by the age of 2, but it was my dad who, in my young eyes, held the most fascinating piece of artwork. I remember being young and pointing to the small red maple leaf on my dad's chest and asking him why the 'colouring' on him didn't come off like the way marker and paint would come off my hands when I washed them. Although I was only 3 and probably didn't understand the beauty of it at the time, my dad explained to me that this little red maple leaf was something called a 'tattoo' which he got in memory of my mother who had passed away earlier that year. My dad was born and raised in England and moved to Canada for university, which is where he met my mum. He explained that no matter where we ended up living, that he would always carry a piece of her with him, with that maple leaf tattoo over his heart.

As I grew older I saw my dad get more and more tattoos, including one for me and my two half-brothers. Finally when I was 17 I convinced my dad to take me to his tattoo artist. I explained to my dad that although mum was not physically and visibly with me everyday, I wanted to also have something to remind me of her that was visible and permanently with me every single day for the rest of my life. My first tattoo appropriately was of my mums birthday in roman numerals on the back of my neck.

After I had gotten my first tattoo, I quickly became in love with the idea that I could permanently have reminders of people that I love on my body that I would see everyday. When my mum passed away, her mother, my Grandma Joy, basically helped raise me with my dad. My grandma is probably one of the most important, special people in my life, so I only saw fit that my next tattoo be dedicated to her. When I was 19 I got "Through struggle comes Joy" in script tattooed onto my ribs.

My third tattoo, which I got when I was 20, is dedicated to my two half-brothers, Owen and Evan, who are two of the most special people in my life. I have 'ROE' tattooed on my wrist, which stands for 'Ruby, Owen, Evan' and symbolizes that we will always be together.

I got my fourth tattoo for one of my aunts (who is also pretty much one of my best friends) when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We would always say "I love you to the moon and back" whenever we saw each other, so I got a half moon tattooed on my inner arm

My fifth, and most recent tattoo is obviously dedicated to my amazing father. I hate to admit it, but my dad is without a doubt cooler than me. I am so appreciative of all the things that he has done for me and he truly is one of the most amazing individuals whom I love more than anyone in the entire world. I have his birthday tattooed on my inner wrist.

Tattoos become a permanent piece of your identity, and although they weren't always celebrated, modern culture has learned to embrace them as pieces of art. Recently I have teamed up with Vintage Ink Wines to help them with a contest that they are running. If your tattoos mean as much to you as mine do, or you just have some BADASS artwork on your body, then I think you'll love this contest as much as me! Help me celebrate tattoo culture with Vintage Ink Wine by participating in the contest below!




FOR A CHANCE TO HAVE A CUSTOM LABEL CREATED FROM YOUR TATTOO! The label will be made into a special addition case of Vintage Ink wine, which will be on over 500 bottles!

Vintage Ink Wine is also throwing a party for their official launch, and if you guys know whats good, you'll be there - because who DOESN'T love tattoos and wine?!?!

*This event is free of charge (SO BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS)/19+ only

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