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If you are in Toronto and haven't already gone to the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition 'Now's The Time' at the AGO, DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND GO NOW.

I personally have already been 3 times, and plan to go back at least once more before the exhibit comes to an end.

I just want to take a moment to send a HUGE congratulations to my beautiful, and extremely talented friend Magdalyn Asimakis, the curatorial assistant who helped bring this incredible exhibit to life

"The issues Basquiat grappled with in his art are familiar to Torontonians today: identity, racism, cultural histories, social politics, artistic innovation. This city is as diverse and complex as Basquiat's works. The exhibition provides an opportunity for us to hold a mirror up to ourselves, connect with the community and delve into conversations about our struggles, our successes and the creativity that emerges when diverse histories and people interact" - Madgalyn Asimakis

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