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One night, just over a year ago, while I was staying at my aunt's house, I discovered (and quickly fell in love with) a long cashmere house robe that she owned. From the moment I pulled my arms into it, the robe and I formed a bond and instantly became inseparable. Little did my aunt know, I had no plans to part with the robe anytime soon...So you can probably imagine the horror on her face when I strolled out of her house the next morning wearing the cashmere house robe to go to the market (seriously guys she STILL makes fun of me for it)...Unfortunately after my little stint wearing her house robe out in public, my aunt insisted that I give it back to her immediately...

Lucky for me, wearing long robes outside the confines of your home quickly transitioned from being a fashion faux pas, to one of the most recognized trends for fall. 

Now although I already own one too many oversized wool coats (Toronto problems) I just couldn't say no to this camel coloured beauty when I came across it at Aritzia. Camel is one of my favorite colours for fall, and the coat itself reminded me of the famous robe that started it all for me...Hopefully this year my aunt won't be as embarrassed to be seen out in public with me in a robe!

On a side note - how dope are these sneakers from the Adidas x Yohji Yamamoto collab?


Robe Coat : Aritzia , Sneakers : Adidas x Yohji Yamamoto , Crop Top : Topshop , Wide Leg Pants : Aritzia

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