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BAG: Now girls, I understand that you and your favorite handbag are probably best friends who are joined at the hip (or at the arm for the sake of this argument) but seriously, your designer bag does not belong at the cottage. Fortunately LeSportsac and artist Curtis Kulig joined forces to produce The Bleeker print Large Weekender bag which is the perfect combination of stylish and practical. 

SUNSCREEN: When I was younger I used to sit out in the sun for hours covered in tanning oil. Now that my brain cells have developed past my 'I think I'm invincible' pre-teen phase, I know how important it is to protect my skin against the sun and invest in a high quality sunscreen. Chantecaille's Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is lightweight, oil-free, and contains stabilized actives that help protect your skin's collagen from UVA and UVB rays. Not to mention it's vegan!

SELF TANNER: Because I try to limit my skin's exposure to the sun, bronzer and blush are pretty essential to prevent me from looking like Casper The Ghost's little sister. But when I am up at the cottage I tend not to wear any makeup, so La Mer's  Soleil De La Mer is the perfect alternative. This self tanner is the only lotion that I have come across that you can put on your face AND body that goes on evenly and leaves no streaks.

PERFUME: Now I wouldn't normally suggest packing perfume for the cottage as it seems a little high maintenance, but Bobbi Brown's Beach Perfume fully captures the essence of summer in a scent. I am OBSESSED.

SHOES: Flip flops, thongs, post pedicure shoes - call them whatever you want, I hate them and I refuse to wear them (Yes, even at the cost of a few pedicures). Due to my utter hatred of summer's favorite rubber shoe, most of my current footwear consists of strappy sandals and pointed flats. I recently bought these Cheap Monday Savior Orange Flat Sandals because ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. (Sorry. I couldn't resist!)... I bought them because orange is my favorite colour and because they are versatile. Although I wear these sandals around the city, their textile strap makes them casual enough for shlepping around the cottage.

SUNGLASSES: When it comes to cottage weekends I have not been blessed with the best luck with my sunglasses. They either fall in the lake or end up getting stepped on, which has led me to only pack sunglasses that retail for less than $30. I bought these green mirrored ASOS glasses over a year ago and somehow I have yet to break them. In my opinion the mirrored lens is definitely a summer staple!

CAMERA: If you have been flooding your Instagram feed with 'hot dogs or legs?' photos of you sitting on the dock, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. Fujifilm's Instax Mini 8 which prints instant polaroids, is the perfect way to capture all of your goofy moments over the weekend without annoying all of your social media followers. 

Have a great weekend!
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